Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bag Of Gas

Two night ago NJ governor Chris Christie to the stage of the GOP convention in Tampa. "Thank you! Thank you all very much. Thank you. Well, this stage and this moment are very improbable for me, a New Jersey Republican." According to Fox News the rotund speaker said the word "I" 37 times, "Romney" seven times, and "jobs" one time in his speech I counted him saying the word 'believe' twenty-four times, saying 'believe me' twice in a row. Manny my old boss from 47th Street said more than once, "Never trust anyone who says believe me. Especially if they say it so fast." Manny trusted no one and he's still at his desk on 47th Street. ps Chritie was speaking to one county in his state. Monmouth county. It's the fattest county in New Jersey led by Donna Simpson, who's trying to become the fattest woman in the world. ps Ms. XXXXXXXL has yet to announce her party allegiance this year.

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