Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good Shooting NYPD

The NYPD has been accused of trigger-happy shootings over the years and yesterday two patrolman confronted a killer in front of the Empire State Building. The disgruntled fashion designer was walking away from having killed his ex-boss. A CCTV caught the action on the street. Clearly the police told him to stop. Their guns are out and the shooter pulled a pistol from his bag. The two officers fired sixteen shots and killed the gunman, but also wounded three bystanders with bullets and another four with fragments according to NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Several friends of mine were discussing the shooting in front of Ralph's. One said, "Shootings are an everyday occurrence in America. Too many people have guns and kids too." "There are too many guns, but these cops had no choice." I had seen the VDO. "Plus they hit eight targets with sixteen bullets. That's some top-notch shooting, but they'd never get a job as an extra on THE A TEAM." "Nobody never hit no one on THE A TEAM." Errol waved his hand in disgust. "Shit, and the cops ain't so good. How many shots it take to put down Sean Bell or that African in Harlem. A hundred. Fuckin' shit. They ain't no Daniel Boone." "But why didn't the cops shoot him in the foot, instead of blasting everyone in sight," asked a white female eavesdropper. "Someone pulls a piece on me and I have a piece. He who shots first is right. Who's dead is the fuck-up." Errol had no sympathy for the Empire State Building shooter or the innocent bystanders. He was from Bed-Stuy. "Black people know how to get out of the way of bullets. I bet there wasn't one black man shot there." "All I know is that I don't carry a gun, because there are too many targets. I lived on East 10th Street in the 70s. My corner was a hot spot for drugs. My uncle asked if I wanted a piece for protection. I told him no, because I would have run out of bullets before I reached 1st Avenue. I guess those cops thought, "Shit, might as well cap some other perps." Good thing I ain't a cop. To view the surveillance VDO, please go to the following URL from

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