Friday, August 24, 2012

It Wasn't King Kong

Since 9/11 murders in NYC have averaged around 500 per year and this morning a disgruntled garment worker assassinated his former boss in front of the Empire State Building. One passer-by said, "It was like CSI, but it was real." According to the NY Daily News another eyewitness told their reporter, "“He shot the guy in the head. The guy went down. He took a second shot when he was down, then walked down the block, like nothing was happening, real casual. We were screaming from the top, ‘It’s the guy in the grey suit!’” Police responded to the unexpected shooting and unleashed a fusillade at the armed murderer, killing him and wounding nine, which was good shooting for 14 shots. The gunman had no prior criminal record. So far Willard Romney had no comment on the shooting.

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